6 Santa Characters DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit for Kids Craft Activities - Art By The Bay - Art & Craft Kit

Santa DIY 5D Diamond Painting Sticker Kit | 6 Santa Characters

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Santa DIY Diamond Painting Sticker Kit

6 Santa Characters 

* Santa Christmas Stickers*

Perfect Christmas Santa Sticker kits for kids with 6 Santa characters. These Art & Craft kits would be amazing for Christmas presents or super fun activities to keep the kids happy over the Christmas Holidays. Art By The Bay's DIY Kids Sticker kit crafts come with Rhinestones/Resin that are matched to colour codes. These super cool DIY 5D diamond Painting sticker kits can catch the light at different angles and sparkle. Perfect for sticking on your books, personal diary, iPad /tablet cover or even use them to seal Christmas presents.  

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