What is Paint By Numbers?

What Is Paint By Numbers?


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At Art By The Bay, we love to share what we have at our online store and also share art and craft tips or delve into questions that we get asked on a regular basis. But today's Blog Post is 'What Is Paint By Numbers?

Paint By Numbers was developed and marketed in the 1950s by a man named Max Klein, who was a commercial artist and the owner of Palmer Paint Company. After a few hiccups of the first production of Paint By Number Kits, his marketing plan to utilise friends and family members to purchase the products possibly could have turned this DIY Art Kit into a fad. After this stint 'Paint By Numbers' become a very popular DIY Painting Activity.

So What Is Paint By Numbers?

Paint By Numbers is a 'Do It Yourself' Painting Activity where a sketch of an image is printed on fabric (usually Linen). The sketched image is segregated into colours and a symbols/numbers printed so that it matches a colour in the supplied paint pots. 


Tips on Creativing a Paint By Numbers Activity

  • Paint one colour at a time and start with the dark colours first.
  • Let the paint dry before starting a new colour. 
  • Keep your paint pots closed after using as they could dry up. 
  • After the completion of each colour, make sure you wash your paint brush throughly to avoid any cross colouring.
  • Be precise with using your paints and don't overuse the colours as you may run out towards the end of your project. 
  • To avoid smudges begin painting the top of the images


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