What Is A Diamond Painting ?

What Is A Diamond Painting Kit?

DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kits are a wonderful craft activity that both kids and adults can enjoy. Diamond Paintings are made up of a bunch of pixels, usually the size of 2.5mm x 2.5mm, and coded to a colour. These coloured pixels have been created by the use of a computer software program which also creates a table of content to keep track of the codes and the colours that match. 

Once the Diamond Painting Image have been created it is then printed on a canvas. A thin clear glue is placed over the image and a protection cover ready to be completed. 

In a DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kits comes with a variety of Diamonds/Resins (Square, Round or Special Shaped Beads) which fit into the pixels on the canvas, the canvas, putty and tool kit.



In each Diamond Painting Kit is enough coloured Diamonds to complete your Craft Activity. Make sure that you check the quanity of Diamond bags against your table of content prior to starting your project. Any missing bag please contact us straight away so we can ship them to you asap.  

Diamond Shapes

The main shapes used in a DIY 5D Diamond Painting kit are Square or Round. These are mostly used for Full Pasting Area Images. There are also special shaped Diamonds for a variety of kits and most of the time these are made for Partial Pasting Images (some of the image is just a print and not meant to be covered by Diamonds)

Full Pasting Images

Diamond Painting kits that are a Full pasting area are the best ones to create depending on the size. With Full Pasting Areas, the whole images is to be covered by the supplied Diamonds.

Parital Pasitng Images

Partial Diamond Painting Kits can be misleading to some if you don't read the descriptions properly. An image is still printing on the canvas but only selected areas are glued and ready to for your diamonds. 


Tips for DIY 5D Diamond Paintings

  • If the canvas is not lying flat - lay it on a flat surface, peel back half the protective layer and place it down again. Do the same thing to the other half.

  • It is suggested that only a portion of the protective covering be removed at a time to keep the glue fresh and sticky or to avoid any dust while not in use.

  • If you have a creases in the clear glue layer - score it with a sharp knife lightly (to slice just the clear layer). This will avoid any of your diamonds from popping up or not sitting properly.

  • use one colour at a time with your exposed section.

  • try to keep the diamond straight or in line as possible

  • Once the exposed section has been completed, press it down with a book and apply pressure for the diamonds to fully stick properly. 


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