Welcome to Art By The Bay

Welcome to Art By The Bay


Ah! Our very first Blog post for Art By The Bay

So I would like to introduce a bit of a background behind 'Art By The Bay'. We are an Australian business located in the City of Brisbane. We came up with Art By The Bay name since we live, and absolutely love living here, very close to the most gorgeous Beautiful Bayside. We have lived here majority of our lives and the Ocean is one of the obsessions we have (Yes, visiting the Bay is pretty much a daily ritual).

Family History

Dating back to the late 1800s a well known Brisbane Artist, George Wishart, was once a professional photographer who turned into a wonderful landscape artist. He would often paint scenes of Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River. In 1897, his work was first exhibited and was highy praised as 'decidedly one of the attractions of the gallery'. George Wishart is on my Grandmothers side. Which this next part brings back memories of my childhood. 

Growing up I would visit my Grandmother on the Gold Coast and entering her home she hung her beautiful original artwork in every room of her house. I always admired her talent and looked forward to seeing new work in progress with each visit. Her favourite to create was pastels of floral arrangements. Some paintings consisted of outback Australia and Underwater Oceanic Sceneries but my all time favourite was a Black and White sketch of a Social Party that was no bigger than an A4 sized piece of paper which she drew at the age of 16. The detail was magnificent!! 


Now back to Art By The Bay!!

Newly launched in 2019, our Art Prints are selected for all admirers. Genres ranging from Surrealism, Poster Art, Abstract, Photography, Modern Pieces and even DIY Artist Packs. 

Some prints have already sold out, so keep an eye on our new listing. New products are listed every few days so there are always something fantastic to view on a regular basis. 

Also, to make the artwork affordable we have Artworks as 'Canvas Prints Only' so check out our page of 'Canvas Prints (Unframed)' for an affordable range.

For those of you new to our Art By The Bay website, we welcome you with open arms. 


Love Life!

Admire Art!

Keep Smiling!

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