Mum!!! I'm bored...... School Holidays Art and Craft Ideas

School Holidays Art & Craft

Mum!! I'm Bored 🤨


So we are in the middle of the school holidays and it's been a struggle to keep the kids occupied and trying to avoid the words 'I'm Bored' in our household is a mission. When you have a tween daughter and a son well into his teen years, my suggestions all go out the window 🤷🏻‍♀️. Gee 🤔 I do really miss the days when they got excited to go to the Park or to the Art Gallery (oh I love going to GOMA's Kids Craft Corner.... I think I had more fun creating stuff than the kids) or just for a ride along the waterfront. 

Right now my son is glued to Fortnight and my daughter on Instagram tagging me in very cute puppy posts 🥰

So here are my Art & Craft suggestions that my daughter and I have done for the 1st week of School Holidays (No point in asking Master Teen to join in unless it's to spray paint his xbox controller 😂)....


Buy or Make Slime

Slime is the craze right now and it's been so for a while now.  We have been making slime probably for the past 6 months. There has been a lot of failed attempts, massive amounts of mess but eventually we found the right ingredients that work for us. There are a variety of Slimes 'How To' and a hell of a lot of Slime reviews and it even blows up on Instagram with their ASMR sounds. 

My favourite to make is Butter Slime. It's less sticky than the glossy clear glue ones and they seem to keep their form a lot longer (depending on weather and temperature).

Buying Slime online can be a bit daunting, you don't know what the quality is like or if it's a mass marketed China knock-off which looks nothing like the pictures. But there are also genuine Art & Craft enthusiasts that love making slime and I've found the best place to look for it is on Etsy. Some of the images don't look professional but at least you will know it's home made but please make sure you read all reviews on an Etsy store to see if you are getting a good deal and if the slime is actually good quality. 

Now, another thing with Etsy is that if you live outside of the southern hemisphere you will have good cheap options but for us southerners, paying $30 shipping is a little pricey for us. 

A good Australian Made Slime on Etsy is Slip Slap Slime, they're Brisbane base and shipping is free if you don't mind supplying your own plastic container to store your slime in. Although, they do have the option of upgrading to paid shipping which then you can get all your slimes in sealed containers.

Check Them Out Here 

👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

Etsy Store:  Slip Slap Slime 

 Making Slime, well my recipe is a pretty cool and rather than making this post a super super long one I will leave this one for another blog for another day.......but if you are interested in it please email me at 😁


Make Art & Paint

I've been seeing a lot of cool acylic pour paintings lately and I absoluetly love this and something I would love to try but this isn't on the School Holiday list just yet....

Canvas Painting!! So my daughter and I wanted to try abstract painting so we set off to our local $2 store (Choice) to pick out some acrylic paints, canvas boards, Paint Scrapers and Paint Brushes. 

Being a creative visual person I love following artists on instagram as they can be a great source of inspiration. For abstract Art I follow the hashtag #AbstractArt , they have some wonderful ideas. 

Other Instagram Hashtags: #Abstract_Art #AbstractPost #TextureArt


Make Art & Paint Again...

After our Abstract Art exploration we went back to Choice and bought some watercolour paints. It's best to use watercolour paper for this type of art. The texture of the paper holds the watercolour paints well and by adding extra water to your paintbrush you can either get an ombre or light shading effect happening.  We haven't quite got to the Watercolour paintings ourselves but we will show you examples of our work in the soon future. 

Instagram Hashtags:  #WatercolorPaintings #Watercolorpaint #WatercolourArt (Aussie Spelling) #Watercolors 


Buy & Create 5D Diamond Paintings

I kind of fell into this one. I was researching artwork to sell while developing Art By The Bay's Website and it was mesmirising to watch and I just had to try it myself....and for the kids 🙊. There are a variety of sizes of DIY 5D Diamond Paintings for teens and adults but we also supply cute cartoon stickers which are fun and easy for primary school kids to create (Best recommended for 6 years and above).

Avengers DIY 5D Diamond Painting Stickers

👇🏻👇🏻 👇🏻



Work In Progress (Big Kids)  


Well we hope you enjoyed the read and hope we have filled you up with some inspirational ideas for you to try during the School Holidays. Feel free to comment or make suggestions of other Kids School Holidays Art & Craft Ideas. We would absoluetly love to hear what art projects you all have been up to 👩🏽‍🎨.



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